Paranormal Experiences

Paranormal Experiences

This page will serve as a living document to collect the paranormal encounters I have had throughout my life.

Story #1: My office is haunted.

My company moved into a different office space in town in January of 2019. During our first week in the new building, employees from the office across the hall came out to greet us. One of the first things they did was tell us about the man they have seen out in the hallway.

Several employees started reporting strange occurrences not long after settling in. Several employees reported hearing things when they were alone in the office. Footsteps around them. Papers shuffling in neighboring cubicles. I myself am only one of the individuals who experienced this.

One day, I was having a one-on-one meeting with a co-worker in a conference room and was discussing a routine work issue. I was sitting at the end of a long, rectangular conference cable. My co-worker was sitting next to me along one of the two longer sides of the table.

While talking, something flies between us at a very high speed. It was about eye-level with us.We both noticed it and when I got up to pick up the item, I discovered that it was a small bead. The area of the room that the bead came from had no one or anything there, it was an empty corner. We both saw the bead fly between us and had I not had a witness in there, I may have never told anyone about it.

Another incident that occurred in the office involved two of my co-workers. They were the last two in the office one evening and were on opposite ends of the office space. One of them approached the other and asked if they were playing music. They told them that they were not and said they thought the other person was playing music. They both walked around the office and went into a large conference room. While standing in there they both heard faint music that was coming from this room. There were no devices in the room that music could be playing from. They couldn't identify what the music was, as it sounded muffled and distant.

The most recent time I had forgotten to submit a report and my boss sent me a text message reminding me that it was due. At around 9 PM that night I drove to my office to complete this report and get it submitted. Not long after completing the report I went back out to my car to drive home. I started driving down the hill by the office. Suddenly, a white figure is RUNNING from the side of the road and is going out into the road in front of my car.

I don't know if you've ever had the unfortunate experience of an animal running out in front of your car. If you have then you know the feeling of clenching up and preparing to hear a thud when you come in contact with it. I slammed my brakes and clinched up, preparing to hit it and when it reached my hood it disappeared.

I have had a handful of paranormal experiences in my life. This was the single most vivid and terrifying experience I've ever had. I have no doubt in my mind that there was an adult, human-like figure running towards the road that night. I had to drive to a nearby store parking lot to sit and collect myself before driving home.

The building that our office is in is only about 15 years old. It's near a shopping complex that was built in my small town only 25 or so years ago. Prior to this plaza existing, this area was almost only uninhabited forests. I am unsure if at some point in the more distant past there were people who may have lived on the land.

Story 2: The Man in the Hallway

Some years ago, myself, my wife and our children were living with my in-laws. The house we were living in was built by my wife’s grandparents at some point in the 1950s. For as long as we’ve been together, she would tell stories of experiences she had in the house when she was younger.

On two occasions when she was a child, my wife saw an apparition of a man. In one of the instances she saw him watching her play in her bedroom. The second time that she saw him she was practicing violin in the living room. He was standing in the hallway outside of her bedroom, watching her play. He was a well-dressed man.

A few decades later, we found ourselves living in this house. Our bedroom and the bedroom of our children was in the same hallway that the man had been seen in.

One evening, my wife and I were in our bedroom. It was in the evening, but it wasn’t late, 9 or 10 PM. At this point, I will note that the floors of this house are made of solid wood and you can hear when people are walking. We are inside our bedroom and the door was closed. We both hear footsteps coming down the hallway. These were heavy footsteps, too, it sounded like the person walking was wearing boots. We immediately assumed it was my father-in-law, as he often wore heavy boots.

The footsteps approached our door and stopped. We both look at each other and expect a knock on the door from her father. There is no knock, yet, the door knob begins to rattle. It rattles as if there’s someone on the other side of the door, shaking the knob, as if they were about to open it. About five seconds later, I approach the door and open it.

No one was there.

There hadn’t been time for someone to approach the door, shake the knob and run away. Our children were too young to know to play a joke like this. Even if it was them, they wouldn’t have been able to create the noise of such heavy footsteps.

My wife and I kind of looked at each other, as if to ensure that the other person experienced the same thing.

During our time in that house, I would often see shadows walking out of the corner of my eye. On one occasion I saw what appeared to be a white figure standing in the above mentioned hallway.

have been other stories told of experiences in that house, but they are not mine to tell. My wife's grandfather that built the house was living when she saw the man in the hallway, so it couldn't be him.

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