"Phico" "Phico"

From 2001 to 2005, a group of kids in rural West Virginia used a camera to create their own independent film productions under the name "Phico Phims." "Phico" is an anthology film composed of a selection of key works from their filmography.

Before YouTube and internet video were commonplace, videos were shared between friends by trading tapes. In that spirit, this film is structured in a similar fashion. This collection includes 3 entries in the mockumentary series "The Yeti," as well as the comedy/action films "The Game Genie" and "The Game Genie 2."

Between each film is a selection of short skits, music videos, stunt videos, commercials or other content. Since you often would use VHS tapes you had lying around your house to record things, there are remnants of the things that were taped over throughout this film.

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