Welcome to Up All Night, a hub for weird old media and the art that I make.

In 2016, I began a website called Retro Game Dad. There I collected oddball media related to classic video games. It started as a blog but expanded into being pretty active on social media. Over time, chasing likes in the hellscape of social media left me exhausted. The following year, I created this website on Neocities. This site expanded beyond video games into highlighting all sorts of media. The idea behind the website was to create a place to collect obscure, nostalgic media. The hope was to bring back the feeling of staying up late, by yourself, and getting lost.

In 2018, I began to use my affinity for weird, old media and started to compose vaporwave and dark ambient music. I used bits and pieces collected from anything I could find. Each album was a vehicle to tell stories made up of nostalgic and unsettling memories.

In 2021, I obtained several hours of footage of films that myself and my friends made beginning 20 years ago. I watched a lot of it and wondered what could be done with all this stuff. I settled on making an anthology film titled "Phico."

Today, I have many projects in various stages of development. As I move forward, Up All Night will continue to embody the weird. I want my work to invoke the feeling mentioned. The feeling of being up late at night, alone, with the only source of light being the screen in front of you.