UP ALL NIGHT - Marc Summers Gets a Halloween Special!

Marc Summers Gets a Halloween Special!

Did you know that Marc Summers had a Halloween special? Nickelodeon had to find someone to host their holiday special and the only "celebrity" on their payroll was Marc Summers. Enter Marc Summers' Mystery Magical Tour. Either way, they were able to get Gomez Addams to make a cameo in the first few seconds and squeeze some more silly Halloween stuff out of this 30 minute show. I don't know why you use a Halloween kids special to make a play on the Beatles album title Magical Mystery Tour, though. Someone probably thought they were real clever coming up with that.

I'm not going to spend too much time wondering why Marc Summers has a car full of young children in the dead of night out in the middle of nowhere. Could be the spookiest Halloween story of them all. Anyway, here's the special in (including commercials)!

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