UP ALL NIGHT: The Spookiest Pizza Hut Commercials!

The Spookiest Pizza Hut Commercials!

Around the internet I’ve seen a lot of reminiscing about Pizza Hut’s glory days in the 80s and 90s. 20 years ago, going to Pizza Hut was a family event. They were constantly doing tie-ins to pop culture properties, engaged kids in reading with the Book It! Program and other things. They did things to attract families and children to WANT to come there. Somewhere along the way that got lost and now they’re just another restaurant in town.

Instead of focusing on the bad, let’s focus on one of the good things about Pizza Hut’s past; their commercials! More specifically, spooky Pizza Hut commercials!

Pizza Head Show: Party

Here we see Pizza Hut’s Mr. Bill ripoff, Pizza Head, trick or treating. Before he heads to get himself a Stuffed Crust Pizza he decides to go to one more house, and of course that asshole Steve is there to ruin his life. I do have to ask, though… Why is a slice of pizza going to go eat another pizza? Pizza Head is a MONSTER.

Pizza Head Show: Goosebumps

Our next commercial is a tie in with the TV series Goosebumps, with Pizza Head somehow driving a car and once again being messed with by Steve. This one does end in the death of Pizza Head, so RIP.

Casper Stuffed Crust Pizza

The 1995 film Casper was something I greatly enjoyed as a kid. I somehow ended up obtaining a lot of VHS tapes of really old Casper cartoons when I was very young so I was all about this movie and it’s marketing pre-release. The movie somehow had several bits of profanity throughout and for some reason when I was 9 I thought that was amazing. Anyway, here’s a commercial of Casper and those 3 other ghosts hawking Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Casper Puppets

When anyone thinks of Casper and Pizza Hut this is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mine. Casper wasn’t the only puppet tie in done at the restaurant, Land Before Time and Eureka’s Castle come to mind, but I do think that Casper was the most memorable because these motherfuckers would GLOW IN THE DARK. The set of these things runs for about $20-30 on eBay if anyone is wondering what to buy me for Christmas.

Halloween safety from Pizza Hut

Nothing particularly spooky about this commercial, but it is a tie in between Pizza Hut and a local affiliate station promoting Halloween safety and telling the kids to come to their local Pizza Hut to get their FREE treat bags that are reflective.

And now it’s time for the scariest thing that Pizza Hut has done throughout their entire history...the most spine-chilling commercial ever publicly released…

A commercial featuring one of the most dangerous people on Earth making divorce jokes.

Happy weekend, all!

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