Oreo O's are BACK

September 23, 2017

While I was waiting on my carry out order from Bob Evans I decided to pick up a few groceries at a nearby Walmart. While going down the cereal asisle as I am wont to do and I stumble across this:

Now either Oreo O's are back after a 10 year hiatus or Walmart is selling cereal boxed in 1997.

It's true, though, Oreo O's have made a comeback after being taken off the shelves due to a legal issue. Let's take this home and give it a go (after I eat my broasted chicken from Bob Evans, of course).

The first thing I notice about OO 2.0 is that the box is fucking HUGE. Here is a comparison shot between this box and a normal-sized box of Apple Jacks. It almost looks like the giant boxes of cereal you would find at a place like Sam's Club.

Time to pour a bowl!

This cereal was never my favorite thing on the market but it was something I would routinely fall back to every couple of months. It tastes more or less the same as I recall during its original run. I'm a huge fan of junk food and Oreo's are routinely sitting somewhere in my kitchen and the cereal adaptation of them is pretty good overall. I would say that if I'm jonesing for the taste of Oreo's that I will likely just buy a pack of the cookies. Still, this cereal does have a following so if you are among the Oreo O Faithful then take a trip to your local gocery store and see if they have this gigantic box of cereal in stock.

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