UP ALL NIGHT: The Greatest Government Conspiracy... REVEALED

The Greatest Government Conspiracy... REVEALED!


I am here today to shed light on the greatest conspiracy that the media and federal government has ever tried to cover up. This heinous act is finally going to be exposed. For-profit media isn’t going to know what to do with itself when I uncover this truth (watch out, the G men may take this site down, so share while you can!)

I am not talking about MK Ultra, aliens, JFK, the Illuminati, the Lindbergh baby or anything today because their importance pales in comparison to the REAL issue at hand…

The ghost in 3 Men and a Baby is REAL!

That’s right, I’m here to finally break down the wall of LIES that has been perpetuated by so-called “fact checkers” and “Tom Selleck.”

Take a look at the EVIDENCE:

The first thing that the skeptics point out is that Ted Danson liked to have cardboard cutouts of himself all over the place when filming. That’s all well and good, but when they point to the evidence from another scene from the film…

It’s clear that the cardboard cutout of Mr. Danson here is NOT the same in the first picture! How could the “fact checkers” at Snopes miss THAT ONE. What are we supposed to believe, that Ted Danson made a cardboard cutout of his 9 year old self, TOO?! YEAH RIGHT.

Then they like to point out that the “house” that this was rumored to be shot at was a sound stage so there’s no way the spirit of a dead boy could be in a fake house. Well….did they ever stop to think that the SOUND STAGE ITSELF IS HAUNTED?!

Here is a video of Mr. Selleck earlier this year appearing on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Unprompted, they revisit the ghost story about this film and attempt to silence this movement. What we need to remember that Tom Selleck is an ACTOR who is likely reading from a SCRIPT prepared for him by the government.

We can’t take this tyranny sitting down. STAND UP and tell the shadow government that we mean business and that we will not rest until this GHOST BOY finds PEACE and can MOVE ON TO THE OTHER SIDE.

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