So what is this thing?

Hey there. Welcome to Up All Night! I thought I should probably take a few minutes and explain what I'm doing with this website and what I want to accomplish with it.

I've been using the internet for more than twenty years now. My first interactions with the World Wide Web were with my friends who had more money than my family so they were able to be early adopters. Eventually I started walking to the town library after school to browse the internet for whatever I cound find, primarily video game news and professional wrestling rumors. Eventually we got our own computer and a dial-up modem and my life changed forever.

Over the years I've maintained various websites and blogs. I've made homes on Geocities, Homestead, Lycos, Angelfire, WordPress, etc. Over time as I got older and adult responsibilities crept up my online activity dwindled down to basically nothing but social media. The project I kept up with before this one, Retro Game Dad, was something I got a lot of joy out of. I focused my writing on retro video game content and the media surrounding it. I loved doing this but over time I felt like I was running into two particular walls that were hindering my experience; 1.) I wanted to write about more than just video games and 2.) I spent so much energy promoting the website through social media and relying on readership to motivate me to keep up with it. Worrying about what others think is the easiest way to lose all momentum in whatever you're doing.

In a passing conversation with one of my friends about the internet and how stale and centralized it has become in recent years he mentioned Neocities to me. Besides the Geocities nostalgia, the sense of creativity, individuality and community here really connected with me so I dove in head first. Up All Night is going to take my love of pop culture from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s and expand on what I was doing before. Not only will I talk about video games, but I'll talk about TV, movies, pro wrestling, the paranormal and literally anything else that comes to mind. I also don't plan on promoting this website at all outside of Neocities and word of mouth so I'm not going to let social media interaction make or break this experience for me.

I hope you find something to enjoy here. Let me know if there's something you would like to see me cover. I'll see you around!

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